RCIMUN 2014 : ‘Cool’ in every sense – KKN

56th Annual Sports Meet of Primary – 2013-2014 – A Report – KKN

We all scream for ice-cream – TN

Sports Day (Primary Classes) – Prize Winners – TN

Young Ranker at International Olympiad – TN

Place the Places – TN

Sibling Winners – TN

A Talented Dancer – KKN

Safeguarding Mother Earth

Science Day

A Report on 2nd Annual Sports Day

Math Wizards – TN

Martial Art – TN

International Mother Language Day – TN

Grade 6 Field Trip Report – TN

The Earth Hour – TN

Chess Winner – TN

World Sparrow Day – TN

Celebrate the Earth Hour – KKN

Young Quizzers – TN

Budding artist – TN

Infosys – Catch Them Young 2014 – TN

Learn Science by Experimenting – TN

Winners at Informatics Olympiad – TN

57th Gita Recitation Competition – TN

Under-15 Basketball tournament – KKN

Under-10 Cricket tournament 2013-2014 – KKN

Basketball tournament – KKN

5-a side football tournament – KKN

Science Day Celebrations 2014 – TN

A.K.Samban Award for Creativity in Science – TN

Science Day Celebrations 2014 – TN

Thinking Scientifically – A Report on Hey Science Presentation – TN

Debate in General Assembly for classes 6,7 and 8 – TN

Students excel in Talent Search Exam – TN

Chemistry Quiz Performers – TN

Brilliant performance in UN Exam – TN

Students sparkle in “SPARKS” – TN

Honour for staff – TN

Young Exhibitor – TN

A visit to the Regional Meteorological Centre – TN

Scintillations 2014 – NGM

A Report on “The Reading Voyage” – NGM

Quizzinga – NGM

Report on Career Counselling – NGM

Random Acts of Kindness Day – KKN

NIE Sessions – A walk to a better life - NGM

Times Science Quiz – NGM

Donate Eyes – NGM

Light from many Lamps – Quadrennial Project – KKN

Quizzards – TN

Thirukurral – Their Forte – TN

Young Innovators – TN

Homage to Saint Thyagaraja – TN

Students make their mark in mela – TN

SPELLINC 2014 – Chennai Finals – NGM

Republic Day Celebrations – TN

Asset –TN

16th National Science Olympiad – TN

Q Quest 2013-2014 – TN

A Splendid Display of Histrionic Talent – KKN

Hat Trick Triumph to PSBB KKN in inter PSBB Debate Finals – KKN

Martyrs Day Programme @ Sri Krishna Gana Sabha on Jan 30, 2014 – KKN

Unfurling Colourful Dreams – KKN

The Story of a National Gold Medalist – KKN

Being & Becoming a Teacher – KKN

Chemistry Quiz by SACSE Kalpakkam – KKN

Radha Yathirai – KKN

Chinmaya Mission – Bhagavad Geetha Competition – School Level – TN

Badminton Champ in the Making – TN

Prathyasha – Joy of Giving – TN

’CUE’zzing Champions – KKN

Rising Star in Chess – KKN

Battling the Kaliyuga Demon – TN

The British Council Bash at Shri YGP Auditorium – TN

Dakshinachitra Quiz- TN

PSBB teachers to the fore –TN

Intermural Badminton League – TN

Math Expo! – TN

National Library Week Celebrations – TN

13th National Cyber Olympiad – TN

International Roller Skater on the move – TN

On the National Horizon in Tennis – TN

Accolades to the Sanskrit Department – TN

Konnakkol Master Honoured – TN

Accolades for a dedicated teacher - TN

Awards Galore – KKN

Meeting Ground – KKN

Beyond the borders of books – KKN

Creating history by solving math mystery – KKN

Musicians in the making – KKN

Outstanding performance in ASSET 2013 – KKN

Winners of the classroom of the Year 2013 Contest – KKN

Authors in the making ! – NGM

Innovative Winners ! – NGM

Face to Face with Nobel Laureate – NGM

JFK in Timelessness – KKN

Winners at the TGELF Debate – NGM

War of Words – in the Gulf – NGM

Open Sloka Competition – Sri Suprabatha Sabha – TN

Science Talent Contest – TN

Guest-performance in Sahityotsav – TN

Amazing Craft – TN


Mass Chanting of Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam – TN

Prizes at Bhagvad Gita Recitation – TN

Kudos to the teachers –TN

Talent Show – Pre Primary and Primary Students – TN

Another Green Initiative – TN

Interschool Sanskrit Drama Competition – TN

Unusual competition – ABACUS – TN

Revolutionary Inventions in the making ! – NGM

Winners at the TGELF Debates ! – NGM

A Rising Star – KKN

Accolades of Choral Music – KKN

Continuing Professional Development in Distant Shores – KKN

KKN Quizzers make a mark – KKN

Mirroring an achievement – KKN

Mulit skill Tiny Tot – KKN

Recognition of a Football Coach – KKN

Commerce Faculty Honoured – KKN

CSSC Clusters Children’s Day Skit Competition – KKN

FANCY – Full Display – KKN

Young One’s in Roles – KKN

Fancy Dress Competition – UKG – KKN

Jungle Safari – LKG – KKN

CBSE Clusters (Skating) – South Zone – TN

Flipper Fest Mela – TN

Quiz – TN

Kanjira ‘Karagosham’! – TN

Out in the Garden with LKG students – TN

A Journey through Toyville – TN

Colour added to Water Conservation – TN

Celebrating One Nation Reading Together – KKN

Fire Safety Workshop – NGM


Instigate and Impact – NGM

Mass Chanting of Vishnu Sahasranamam – NGM

An Insightful Message by Youngsters on Environmental Protection – KKN

Nungambakkam Team Triumphs ! – NGM

A Hand Too Gifted – KKN

A Handful of Achievements – KKN

Chanting of Vishnu Sahasranamam – KKN

Chemistry Senior Faculty Honoured – KKN

Good Performance @ Chemistry Competition – KKN

Outstanding Sportsmen – KKN

Awareness on Dental Hygiene for the ‘Tiny Tots’ – TN

Speed Skating Champion – TN

Sathyasheelatha Gyanalaya Competition – TN

Street Play Bonanza – TN

Talent Display – TN

Vigilance Awareness Week – TN

Best Teacher Award – NGM

Anna University’s Prodigy 2013 – NGM

PSBBian Crowned Math Whiz – KKN

Runners Up at the “Battle On!”

RSIC Summer Programme 2014

Prestigious Recognition @ Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition – KKN

Joy of Achievement & Thrill of Creative Effort – KKN

CBSE Cluster V Basket Ball Tournament – KKN

Cricketing Triumph – KKN

Girls Hockey Tournament – KKN

A Happy Eco Friendly Diwali – TN

Spiritual Glory – TN

Com Quest 2013 – KKN

Facilitating Behaviour Change – TN


Quarterly Consolidation – Merit List Std. 11 & 12 – NGM

Report on UKG Class Project – My Senses – TN

Navarathri Special – TN

Colourful Symmetry – TN

Hail Our Helpers – TN

Keep Healthy and Fit – TN

CBSE Cluster Tennis – TN

Winners of RMTIS Spelling Bee 2013

A Basket Full of Prizes – KKN

Olympiad Rank Holder – KKN

Point of Order – PSBBMUN – KKN

Mental Health Campaign – TN

Teachers Day Out – TN

Clean Water, Safe Water – TN

The Reading Voyage – NGM

Celebrating National Mole Day – October 23rd 2013 – KKN

Inter School Bhajan Competition – KKN

Versatality of KKN Faculty showcased – KKN

Best Teacher Award – TN

Eco Friendly Bags bag prize – TN



Presenting Shravana Mahotsav – KKN

SRM Swastika Quiz – KKN

PSBB’s T.T. Champ! – NGM

Skating to Glory – TN

Taking Singing to a High Note – TN

Wonder Years – Class III Project – TN

Squash Champion - Pride of TNagar

The ABC’s of Safety – TN

Kindergarten Swimming Sensation – TN

A Neat Hand – TN

Promising Padma – KKN’s Name Game for the Global Challenge – KKN

Talent Display at CBSE National Science Exhibition 2013 – KKN


CBSE – CCE Capacity Building Workshop – NGM

Donate Eyes – NGM

Visit to SundaraCholavaram Panchyat Union School – TN

Best Teacher Award – TN

A Passion with a difference – KKN

Hands on experience of tiny tots of LKG – KKN

Hands on experience of tiny tots of Pre K G – KKN

Hands on experience of tiny tots of UKG – KKN

Striding towards victory – KKN

With a touch of love – KKN

Kudos to our Alumnus – NGM

Workshop on Value Education – NGM

An overview of KKN @ World Theatre Day - KKN

Best Paper Presentation Award – NGM

Nothing stops her from taking the plunge! – KKN

On the wheels – KKN

Media Coverage of Inter School Football tournament - KKN

Teachers Honoured - KKN

Show of Talents – KKN

An Affectionate Letter From An Alumna

Garbology 101 – A pre-symposium talk – TN



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