Animal Mutations

I was just surfing the net for some animal pictures the other day and came up with some horrifying images of animal mutations. The most common pictures were those of animals with two heads, three eyes and an extra pair of legs. Plenty of these cases are just a freak of nature, but many of them are influenced by external environmental factors too.

Air pollution and radiation are the biggest environmental reasons causing mutations in animals. As a result of the parents being exposed to these unfavourable and unnatural conditions during pregnancy and even before pregnancy, these poor animals are born with deformities that could well have been prevented and are cursed to stay that way for the rest of their lives. This is quite similar to humans exposed to unfavourable and harmful conditions during the Bhopal gas tragedy and the Chernobyl mishap giving birth to deformed children. The animals born with abnormalities are shunned by their clan and find it difficult to find a potential mate, therefore they do not usually reproduce and in some cases, may not even be able to reproduce.

In this day and age of greedy, money-hungry industrialists and callous, selfish human beings, animals face more risk of being exposed to radiation and pollution. The more they are affected, the less they will reproduce and this will put the entire animal community at risk and threaten their existence. It is up to us human beings to take up the issue and do our bit to ensure a clean and green environment for our animal co-earthlings and make life less painful for them. SO GO THE ECO WAY, YOU CAN EVEN START TODAY!

Samyuktha Nair
X- J

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