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Face Exams Without Fear - Tips by Mrs.YGP

Decide on what portions you are going to study today and seperate it into smaller units. Allot an hour and a half to each unit. During the first half an hour study the unit with full concentration and absorb the contents.Then close the book and recall aloud what you have read. It is not necessary to use the same words. That is just mugging up. Say it aloud in your own words. This is audio memory.

Video memory will help even more Write what you have recalled. At first you may feel lazy and think this is a waste of time. But the practise of writing down what you recalled will help you to write your exam as though you are just signing your name.

Once you have written down what you recalled you must open up the book and check if you have written down all the points. If you have left out any, you should write it down and cross-check. All of this is first revision.

The second revision consists of answering an old examination paper within the stipulated time. Once you have written the answers open your textbook and make a self assesment. Give yourself the marks that you have earned. By this you will certainly be able to find out where you went wrong.Those mistakes will never be repeated. This exercise also prepares you to finish writing your exam in time, besides building up self confidence. You will face your exams fearlessly.

Dont conclude that the syllabus is too much and that you will undertake selective study, there is no definite criteria to seperate the syllabus as imporatant and non-important. You can't expect that the person who prepares the question paper to folow the same selection criteria as you have done.

Reading continously for five to six hours is bad. Relax in between. The techniques for relaxing are many a) Take a quick walk around your house or around the building, if you are living in a flat. b) Scan newspaper headlines. c) Sleep for half an hour, but be sure you have asked someone to wake you up in time. d) The best way to relax is practising deep breaths. This exercise improves oxygen supply purifies your blood and makes your body and brain active, it banishes tiredness.

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