The cherished ideals of the school is to shape confident, responsible, balanced and multifaceted individuals with well-groomed personalities with a sense of pride in our cultural heritage. The schools have incorporated innovative teaching methods that portray creativity at its functional best. They are reputed for their interactive classroom approach and progressive curriculum with an emphasis on value-based education and continuous evaluation. Experiential and cognitive learning is enriched by well-equipped Libraries, Maths, Science, English and Computer Laboratories, leading to the continuous and harmonious integration of the best in Eastern and Western cultures.

To promote cultural awareness, the schools began conducting classes under the aegis of the Cultural Academy. The school makes concerted efforts to bring national and global exponents of all forms of art in order to give lecture demonstrations that promote aesthetic appreciation and educate the children on the vistas of various cultures and traditions.

The Learning Center bridges the gap between the different learning levels of the students. A qualified instructor trained by the Madras Dyslexia Centre identifies and guides children with learning disabilities on a personalized level to help them join the mainstream.

Taking Education Beyond Tomorrow