PSBB K.K.Nagar's Success Story - A Glimpse

The edifice of PSBB K.K. Nagar was laid in 1976. Mrs T.T Narasimhan, the then President of the Bala Bhavan Educational Trust declared the school open on 23/6/1976 with Mrs.Y.G.Parthasarathy as the Principal and Miss. J.Balambal as the Supervisor.

For the first assembly, Mrs. Narasimhan recited the school prayer "Om Sahana Vavathu" - which later came to be part of the regular prayer for the PSBB students.

The school worked from 8.10 am to 1.00 pm for students, while teachers met their colleagues in T.P. Road and did their work till 3.15 attain the expected standards. There was uniformity regarding academics and examinations.

It is significant that there was a total and complete involvement of the parents right from the fledgling times . The first P.T.A was started in the year 1977 with Dr. Mrs. Badrinath as the President, Mr. Balakrishnan as the Secretary and Mrs. Chandra Srinivasan as the Treasurer.The P.T.A meetings subsequently became a regular feature of the school, highlighting the beautiful triangle where the three peaks denote the Pupil, Teacher and the Parents working in complete harmony.

The transparency of the teaching learning process was made clear with the parents being invited to observe the classes of their wards through the Parent Observation Programme introduced in 1980.

Senior teachers of PSBB Main School-Mrs. Chandra Srinivasan, Mrs. Nagamani Mahalingam and Mrs. K.S. Vijayalakshmi were tranferred to the K.K.Nagar branch during the period 1978-1980.Mrs. Nagamani Mahalingam was made the Directress of secondary in 1979 and became the Principal in 1981.Mrs. Malathy Gopalakrishnan took over as the Princilpal and worked for nearly a year. Mrs. Hamsa Ramdas was transferred in 1983 as the Principal of the K.K.Nagar branch.She held the reins of the institution from then on.

In 1984, Pre K.G got its life, adding to the ambience of the entire campus. The little ones made their entry only to brighten up and enliven the colour of the neighbourhood school. Mrs. Chandra Srinivasan was instrumental in organising the GeographyTalent Test,U.N Test and G.K.Test in K.K.Nagar branch in 1979.The prestigious Duke of Edinborough Award Scheme was introduced in 1982.Field trips were organized to activate learning in an informal ambience.

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