Evergreen Words

I was very impressed with the discipline that they adhered to nd I loved to see the teachera too participating with the processes.Listening to some of his questions ,I felt like asking "give me these children and in 10 years I will return History makers to the world "pledging my suppport. - TT Ranganathan, Alma Maters.

This is cutting edge in the making. Breaking ground for future technocrats. Keep it up! - V. V. Prasad, Landmark Infotech Systems & Solutions

I am extremely impressed with the great enthusiasm of the student community and the staff of the school in organizing the IT exhibition. - Dr.B.Srinivasan, VC Kanchipuram

I am very impressed with the poise of the students and the enthusiasm of the teachers How wonderful that you are fostering this renaissance of South Indian traditions. Fulbright Scholar Gray Dean

I was happy to participate in the inaugural function of CBSE Schools National TT Tournament. I would like to congratulate the organisers of the tournaments for their efficiency in organising the games. I am sure the boys and girls would have enjoyed the games and carry back pleasant memories - G.BalaSubramanium , Director(Academics)-CBSE

The poster slogan and poetry recitation competitions were conducted very well. Teachers and students have identified classics of literature and presented them in an imaginative and informative manner. Please continue this emphasis on regional literature and continue this "Book Week"phenomena. Good luck. -Prema SriniVasan

I am thrilled to distraction to see so many young ambitious scholars aspiring for mathematical careers. They have the right to dream of achievement but they should work for that ideal With best wishes to students and teachers I invoke the Grace of God to bless their endeavors - Alladi Ramakrishnan

A most informative and creative exhibition.Glad to see such creativitity. All the best.- Mr. Ramaraj, M.D & CEO, Satyam Infoway Ltd.,

The Vedic Heritage is very much alive - it became evident from the programme you have staged today. I congratulate the teachers and others who helped the children to present to us what they have learnt in the Heritage classes. - H.H.Swami Dayananda Saraswathi Swamigal

It was a delight and honor to attend this function and deliver the endowment lecture. May all these institutions grow from strength to strength in the path of Dharma. - Sri.T.N.Seshan, Former Chief Election Commissioner, Govt . Of India

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