International Day of Yoga - Siruseri

Yoga teaches us to Cure what need not be Endured

And Endure what cannot be Cured.

The word yoga means skill to live your life, manage your mind, deal with emotions, and be with people, to be in love and not hatred. Yoga helps remove inertia or resistance to change, from our body and prepares it for relaxation. Relaxation Techniques bring down our stress levels substantially more than the usual relaxation we get at home.

Pranayama or breathing exercise purifies our body and mind by releasing toxins and helps us go deeper in meditation. Our emotional swings can be restored to its natural happy state, by altering our breathing pattern. Powerful and unique breathing techniques, decrease stress and improve our optimism level. Sudarshan Kriya uses the rhythms of breath, to harmonise our mind and body. It releases pent up stress and negative emotions while ushering in happiness, joy and enthusiasm.

The First International Day of Yoga was celebrated on 21st June 2015 all over the world on the suggestion of our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, which was accepted and declared by the United Nations. PSBB -Siruseri too joined the Yoga Awareness Campaign and roped in the Yoga Teacher Mrs. Sobha Sanjay, who had come along with her young team of bright and bubbly volunteers, to perform the various Yogasanas and also to inspire our students and teachers to get into shape. She spoke about how it is necessary for all people to get into shape and make yoga a part of life itself.!! She demonstrated some Yogasanas including the Surya Namaskar and all the students and teachers joined her and equally enjoyed the "yoga for fun" concept. She had the entire school enthralled and performing yoga during the session.

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