Profile of an Educationist : Dr (Mrs) Y.G.Parthasarathy

Accept life as it comes. All your goals may not be reached. Do not get bogged down by failures. There are only four possible results in life - You get what you expect, You get less than what you expect, you get more than what you expect or you get opposite of what you expect. You have to develop Prasada Buddhi and expect what you get.

Living by the wisdom drawn from this message of Swami Dyananda Saraswati, Dr. Y.G.Parthasarathy, the Dean and Director of Padma Seshadri Group of schools has been a guiding force behind the enviable success and reputation for excellence of this great educational institution. When Dr.Parthasarathy's achievements are listed, it is easy to understand why this school, spearheaded by someone like her, is considered one of the top ten schools of the country. Dr.Parthsarathy's academic aura fills us with awe. She has degree in mathematics, Journalism, Education and History. Her Ph.D is on the teachings of Ramanuja, a Vaishnavite saint. It is in this inexhaustible treasure of knowledge in varied discipline that has helped Dr.YGP, as she is popularly known in the academic circles, into shaping Padma Seshadri Schools into what they are today - a harmonious blend of technology and tradition in education.

Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan in was started in a thatched roof with just about 13 children. In those times, good schooling was considered synonymous with to convent education, while not ignoring the cutting edge that Indian Culture and tradition can equip our children with, to lead a meaningful life. Who better than Dr.YGP, with hr nationalistic fervor and passion for Indian traditional learning and values, could have tuned this dream into reality!

Taking Education Beyond Tomorrow