K.K.Nagar Silver Jubilee

Message from Mrs. Hamsa Ramdas

Some often asked questions are
What is effective learning ?
What is true education?
Is it only the mastery of subjects or beyond it?

Yes. It is imminent that our educational system also changes to adapt itself to meet the demands and challenges of the present day world especially because of the rapid progress in all fields ushered in by technological advancements.

However, to meet practical needs,education today is valued in quantitative terms of marks rather than qualitative terms. For education to gain relevance, it should enable a person to lead a wholesome life. The complex problem and challenges in the new millennium re-iterate that it does not merely suffice for a person to be able to face and counter the problems of life. It is also essential to lay emphasis on creativity and lateral thinking with a divergent approach and futuristic perspective to enhance effective learning and make learning relevant and purposeful.

True Education is, in the final analysis, not only for livelihood, but also to serve higher purposes in life. The very essence of education is concentration of mind, not the collection of facts. Thus education is not just the assimilation of information by the brain which has no practical relevance to life. Instead, "We must have life building, man making, character shaping assimilation of ideas " according to Swami Vivekananda.

Education should also enable a person to search for various solutions to problems with alternative, satisfactory and viable options, with the aid of intelligent and original thinking. Conscious efforts will have to be made to develop divergent thinking abilities and provide coaching in innovative decision making.

Adequate exposure should be provided to the students in the classroom for effective learning-hands-on experience, enjoyable and purposeful interactive discussions, brainstorming sessions. All these modes would enable students to enjoy and discover their innate abilities themselves. The impact of a vibrant and interesting class atmosphere is that it generates interest, enhances knowledge, encourages self-esteem and self-confidence leading to a realistic approach to education.

Taking Education Beyond Tomorrow