Talent Promotion

THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY: The general assembly programmes feature student talent. Various competitions in diverse fields are conducted to give children manifold opportunities. Be it elocution, extempore, music, literary quizzes, scientific debates/discussions,floral presentations or creative talent quests, every week bring forth a new treat for the participants and the audience.

GUEST LECTURES: Guest lectures at weekly assemblies bring nuggets of wisdom for our young citizenz-in-training.

CELEBRATIONS OF FESTIVALS, BOTH NATIONAL AND RELIGIO-SOCIAL Promote and nurture talent, raise awareness of one's cultural heritage and impart significant information.

THE SCHOOL ANNIVERSARY: The school anniversary celebrations is a four-day total theatre presentation with a different focus,every year. The PSBB family of students and teachers come together in a massive presentation of the theme through the language of theatre,dance and music.

INTER-SCHOOL COMPETITIONS: PSBB plays host to the annual festival of Youth - titled Reverberations, conducts ' Business Battles ', Cyber Quest with city schools and encourage participation in a host of city competitions to activate natural success-system within each student.

SCHOLARSHIPS-BK: The cultural wing of PSBB - the B.K. - recognises deserving calibre in talented student - musicians and artists with scholarships in classical music and classical dance.

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