The Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan (PSBB) school, ranked one of the best in the country, has launched this web site with two main objectives, to enunciate the values and ideals that form the heart and soul of the school, and the other is to lay the foundation for an interactive school portal, which will help interaction among teachers, students, parents and administrators. We are hopefull that every visitor to this web site will gain a fair insight into the PSBB school system and understand & appreciate the values the school stand for.

The PSBB team undertook the arduous task of documenting the various facets of the PSBB School system. Special commendation must go to the PSBB team, who even contributed to the layout of the opening page, the need to highlight the motto ''Knowledge is Power" and worked hard to ensure that the true values of the PSBB school is conveyed to all visitors for the web site.

The web site opens with a prayer song, sung by the students of PSBB, and is programmed to play the prayer song correponding to the day of the week. On entering the site, you can begin by clicking on the 'Site Map' for a quick overview of the contents and then navigate from there. Each section has a unique Icon, which is represented on the site map.The 'History' section has a huge collection of photographs (Photo Gallery) and is presented like an album. The 'Banyan Tree' which embodies the Unique Teaching Methods of the PSBB school system shows the different components as 'cluster of leaves', on moving the mouse over a cluster, you can see the details. Clicking a cluster will then take you to a page detailing that particular component. The 'Search' features allows you search for a specific text within the web site.

As always, we welcome all your comments and feedback, to help us constantly improve this website.

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