The PTA also co-sponsored the Inter school cultural meet "Reverberations" and "Maths Zeta 2K"-a maths project to commemorate the International year of Maths. The PTA honoured the teachers and class IV employees for their meritorious performance and the top 1% students in every class.

Parents enjoy an active participation in the teaching-learning process provided in the class rooms through the widely appreciated programme of 'Class Observation'. In addition to this,an orientation session-workshop was conducted for the parents of Pre-KG. This programme aimed at early identification of talents in children to be nurtured effectively from the beginning.

Guidelines to assist children with learning difficulties were also provided. The permanent lady staff members above 40 yrs are benefited by the general checkup offered by the PTA. PTA with their coordinated efforts with the management continues providing qualitative education and also helps in moulding impressionable young minds . An open day is held after each evaluation, each examination, each term, when parents come to meet the teachers, to discuss about their wards and build up cooperation tolerance and mutual exchange of ideas.

Taking Education Beyond Tomorrow