To teachers, with love

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It was a get - together of 'overgrown boys' acknowledging what they owed their teachers, at last. Students of the 1975 Matriculation batch of the Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School met in a unique silver jubilee celebration reunion at the pool - side of the Ambassador Pallava.

After the initial hugs and handshakes, sheepish grins from those amnesic about names and faces, the 'Big Miss', Mrs. YGP recaptured the mischief, each of her past pupils had been up to.

From the Ramana-Ravindra-Srinivas trio winking at classes sometimes to her playacting scenes from shakesphere's "As you like it", the pedagogic spectacle of the mid 1970's unfolded. "I am so touched by this gesture" said Mrs. Hamsa Ramdas, one of the senior most teachers.

"We had to even advance the meet to accommodate a visiting ex- PSBBite on vacation here from the U.S., says Mr. P.K. Viswanath the brain behind this communication. There were few like Mr.Shankar Raman, who had come down from Mumbai, to help build a 'big memory float'. Time still ambles along for Mr.Gopinath, who by now has directed over 1500 teleserial episodes, even as Mr. R. Chandramouli did a thanks routine for the teachers.

Most old boys had their wives and children around for what was one of the most hearty dinners in 25 years.

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