My- Alma-mater- a few random thoughts

When an infant falters in it's attempt to take it's first steps, it is the mother's firm, yet comforting head that steadies the child. It is at this moment that the first seed of the infant's walk is sown. None would dispute the fact that the genesis of any person's walk through life and the manner in which the person faces the various facets and situations in life, be they good or bad, is undoubtedly the school from where the person derived his formative education. The poise of an individual, the way he carries himself, confidence, clarity in communication, be it spoken or written, commitment and adherence to certain values can invariably be traced to the strong foundation, namely, the all round education which his school gave him. Even in a person on whom Dame Luck has not chosen to smile pushing him into hard times, the basic culture and decency in him will be there for all to see if he was fortunate to have his early education in a good school.

"Big Words"! " So What's the big deal"!!-- these are probably the words i would have been tempted to utter if i was a student now. Just as people seem to realise the values and culture of good old India with each passing day only after becoming a NRI, so too, every PSBBian will realise the value of the institution only after he leaves it's secure shores.

Today, I am a successful lawyer. What, however, matters to me most is not as much the success and income my profession has given me but the fact that i cherish certain values, hold certain principles non-negotiable, show respect for elders, conscientious and above all, I am positive by nature.

Taking Education Beyond Tomorrow