Message from Mr. Rameysh Ramdas

I am delighted to hear of your latest achievements - "Sakthi Puraskar" award. Congratulations on yet another recognition of your enormous contribution to education and the overall development of thousands of children the benefit of your inspiration.

It is your vision, drive and above all your infectious intellectual curiosity that's creates the unique PSBB way - that has positively shaped so many young lives - including mine. School education is distinctive - thanks to your forward thinking and the ability to visualize and adopt what the entire world has to offer and inculcate the best in the PSBB curriculum. PSBB demonstrates the unique blend of Indian values and culture with the best of west offers in educational techniques. I have always felt that most of my values and culture have brought me this far in life are those acquired from my years at PSBB.

Best Regards,
Rameysh Ramdas

Taking Education Beyond Tomorrow