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Sree Gurubyo Namah !!!

Greeting and Regards to all the staff and students...I am a 1992 batch PSBB K.K.Nagar student currently residing and working in the US...I cannot stop talking about the glories of my school, the quality of teaching and the importance given to Vedas, prayers and meditation...I visit our school site often and its a bliss to hear those prayers again...Its a wonderful website...I have had my share of tough times with life but those prayers, meditation and self confidence that my school and teachers have imbibed in me has helped me get over my difficulties with ease...I recently got into this good job after a few years of struggle and I wish to share this success with my teachers...I really am proud to be a PSBBian...

Also, I have a small suggestion...I am sure there are plenty of old students out there who would love to hear about our schools achievements, listen to the prayers and would like to contribute towards its future but are caught up in their own hectic lives and cannot make it to the website...If you have not already thought about it, wouldn't an email newsletter/magazine (probably monthly) be a good idea ?

There is one more thing that crosses my mind as I see many of the NRI Indian parents here...I believe however sophisticated the system of education can in the US its still no where close to the kind of education our school provides...I see many parents who wish their children could be send to a school like ours where there is importance to the spiritual aspects of life...How difficult would it be for the board to set up an institution that will provide the kids of millions of NRI's with quality education ? I realize I am thinking from the top of my head and that there are so many things to be factored...Its a thought that occurred to me and I am sure that including me there will be plenty of PSBBians and other NRI's here in the US who will be thrilled by that idea and would like to work with the board to make it happen.

I also wish to make a small contribution...I will request my parents who live in K.K.Nagar to personally deliver it as soon as possible. Once again, my sincere regards and respects to all the staff and wishes to all the students...Sree Gurubyo Namah !

Sreehari Unnikrishnan (Harry)

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