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An Educationalist's Message to the New Millennium

The New Millennium has ushered in sweeping changes in all fields. The Technological wave has added value and new dimensions have been discerned. The field of Education is no exception and the 'Knowledge Society' we are living in, the international standards established in Education and the emergence of 'Learning Schools' testify this fact.

Man has come a long way from Muscle Power, to Machine Power to Mind Power and Education is acclaimed and has established itself as a priceless asset. The precious pearls of prudence help battle against Ignorance and facilitate Progress leading to Success. To meet practical ends Education must be vibrant and constant upgradation is imminent in Curriculum, Resources, Infrastructure, Methodology and Evaluation.

'Knowledge is Power' and it is in our hands to shape our destiny, by consciously internalizing value based ideas and concepts. 'A mouse - ride on the cyber wave' and 'Clicking the right mouse' seem highly relevant in today's 'rat race' on the path to success and glory. A wide range of new and exciting career prospects have opened up with the dawn of the new century. As an educationist in the field for more than four decades, I've always been conscious to match the parameters of Education with the practical needs of Society and Industry. Moreover, today's knowledge explosion presupposes a strong knowledge base for all round personality development and of course holistic development and excellence are the prime ends of Education.

Taking Education Beyond Tomorrow