The Exnora club initiates the members into environmental and Eco friendly projects.The activities help generate awareness and Sensitise students to various issues regarding the environment.A number of projects have been taken up by the enthusiastic members of the club including anti-plastics, Vermi composting, manure pit making and use of Bio-degradable substances.A skit was enacted on'Smokeless Boghi'. At the end of seminar conducted by the Exnora, our students spoke on garbage disposal, vehicular pollution and health hazards in the modern age.Apart from the regular club activities to maintain a litter free campus,the members profess the idea,'say no to plastics' and unanimously believe in the positive environmental maxim, 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'.


The Karuna club activities provide a holistic approach in life to instill the right attitude and positive thinking. With today's emphasis on accumulation of wealth as the key to success, little thought is given to issues like protection of environment and our dumb friends animals and birds , the conservation of nature, respect for senior citizens and other deprived sections of the society. This is where the Karuna club fills the vacuum by conducting various programs for children to increase their awareness about environmental protection and conservation, Bio diversity, help for the aged, orphans and handicapped children. The highlights include - Inter-School debate entitled Factory Farming - Ethical or not ?, Poster competition on vegetarianism, discussion and paper presentation on cloning. The Ethical Aspects and fund raising campaigns for charitable organisations.


January 2003 - December 2003

The Karuna Club of PSBB, K.K.Nagar, has been actively striving to instill the universal value of compassion in the minds of their children through various activities, details of which are furnished below.

1) The mighty pen - Poetry and essay competitions on Vegetarianism, Animals in the wild etc. were conducted for classes 6 - 12.

2) Point, Counter Point - A lively debate on "Is war necessary" made children realize the colossal cost of war in all its aspects.

3) Expert opinion - Children had the opportunity to listen to specialists in the field of environment (Mr.B.Nirmal) Mr.Balakrishnan (Vegetarianism) and Mr.P.S. Kumar of L & T (Plastics) Mrs.Prema Veeraraghavan (Stray animals) . These helped to dispel ignorance.

4) Karuna in total theatre - A fancy dress competition with music and dance beautifully depicted life in the deep sea and man's role in protecting it. "Saga of silk" depicted the life cycle of the silk moth and the brutality involved in the production of silk. Is silk necessary was its message.

5) Educate and empower- The key to development lies in educating the youth. The Karuna Club organized the collection of 1350 notebooks of various specifications and also sponsored 144 uniforms for Corporation boys and girls.

6) The Service spirit - Our children have always been generous whenever there was a call for charity.

i) A sum of RS.1,08990/- was collected to improve the lot of lepers on behalf of the Indian Leprosy Foundation.

ii) Children took part in a door to door campaign to eradicate polio and collected Rs.4500/- for the same

iii) Rice was donated PFA on 2 occasions

iv) Clothes for the needy were collected on behalf of Sri Vari Trust.

v) Toilet articles, dates and biscuits were collected and distributed to AIDS patients and children suffering from cancer.

vi) Children prepared 250 book marks on behalf of PFA which was sold for 10 each at their fair in January 2003.

vii) Toys were donated to the relief foundation.

7) Puppies in distress - On two occasions stray abandoned puppies were rescued and handed over to the Blue Cross.

8) Life Saver - A Blood donation camp organized on Aug.15th helped us to collect 113 units of blood.

9) Inter School Competition : were conducted in the school campus for all classes from 1 - 12 (Details enclosed) and prizes distributed at the Karuna Convention on 2nd Dec. 2003.

We have enthusiastically taken part in practically every competition conducted by other schools.

We believe that our efforts to instill Karuna in our children through all the above mentioned activities will nurture them into responsible, proactively compassionate individuals.

Taking Education Beyond Tomorrow