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Mrs. YGP - "The inspired and the inspirer"

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Zeal Of A Young Champion

Missionary Zeal, visionary focus, indefatigable energy, indomitable will, innovative outlook, phenomenal memory, extraordinary ideas, fearless outlook, constructive criticism, exuberant creativity, ebullient spirit, implicit faith in God, explicit opinion, brutal frankness are some of the salient features of the woman in a millennium, a global educationalist and a universal human being. This attempt is after all a humble description of Vidya Seva Ratnam Dr. Mrs. Y.G. Parthasarathy, fondly called Rashmi by journalists and Rajamma by her dear friends and relatives.

Not many know that her full name is Rajalakshmi Parthasarathy, for this doyen of Chennai's cultural circles identifies herself as, quite simply, Mrs. YGP (which itself is a short way of saying her husband YG Parthasarathy's name). But not for one moment can it be concluded that she is the type who is contented with role-playing - here's a woman who scripts her own life and if she is happy being called the Mrs., its because she has no time for isms of any kind. Now a grand old lady who is articulate as she is passionate about her ideals, she may be aging in chronological terms but she's as young at heart as her children. As the founder, trustee, formerly Principal and presently Dean and Director the legendary inspiration of one of Chennai's best-loved premier schools - the PSBB, she obviously treats her job as a part of herself.

Taking Education Beyond Tomorrow