PSBB epitomizes team spirit, where every individual works with a sense of dedication and commitment under the able guidance and supervision of the Dean and Director Dr. (Mrs.) Y.G.Parthasarathy. The selfless effort and perseverance of the team has elevated the school to its present status. The heads of the three schools form the core group displaying the amazing leadership qualities and missionary zeal, which constitute the hallmark of this institution. They have been the driving force behind the success of the schools.

Though retired some of them still continue to lend their valuable support to the schools. In the early '80s PSBB was the pioneer in introducing computer education with Logo and Basic. This was then replaced with Multimedia, which complemented the traditional teaching techniques. The Futurekids programme which is currently implemented from Standards I to X make the students use the computer both as a productive tool and as a means of creativity for self expression through theme based projects using ten technology areas.

Pre-KG was introduced to keep pace with the philosophy based on the research work conducted by experts that development of the brain of a child is maximum till the age of five; and that offered at that tender age really helps them blossom in life and career. As a sequel to this approach the Reach Out Programmes for parents was started to orient them to these concepts which would stand them in good stead.

Taking Education Beyond Tomorrow