Evergreen Words

The PSBB schools stands for excellence -Shri R.Venkatraman, former President of India.

Almost everyone turned out by the school seems to hava made a mark in his/her field of work - Swami Dayananda Saraswathiji

I was thrilled to see the learning phase of the students keeping creativity as the focus - Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, Former President of India.

We cherish the everlasting association and contribition of this institution - Mr.Ashok Ganguly, Chairman, CBSE Board.

The school has synthesized their pursuit towards cyber conciousness in a value based climate enshrined in their school ambience - Mr.G.Balasubramanian, Director Academics CBSE.

The students have succeeded in entering high quality higher education institutions - Dr.R.Natarajan, Director, IITM.

The school imparts quality education in academic activities besides providing varieties of experience and exposure to students - Mr.N.Nagaraju, Deputy Secretary CBSE, Chennai.

It is one of the very few schools that has been able to effectively blend Academics with Technology and Culture - Mr.Annamalai Muthiah, Founder-FutureKids@Asia.

If there is one school which is innovative,exciting,motivating and inspiring in all its dimensions of imparting education, it is only PSBB - Mrs.Saroja Sundararajan, Academic Director, FutureKids.

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