A friendly cricket match between K.K.Nagar PTA XI and K.K.Nagar Masters XI was held. The parents were sportive in taking a day off their busy schedule to play. The atmoshere was charged with with euphoric children shouting their throats out to encourage the parents and teachers with Mrs. Y.G.P leading the cheering spectators.

PTA celebrates Teachers Day every year by honouring the students. Gift vouchers were given to the teaching and non-teaching staff. Yet another surprise gift from the PTA to the PSBB staff was the book of 'Matha Pitha Maanavan' authored by our beloved Dean Director. It was a thoughtful gesture on the part of PTA to gift this book which will inspire many a reader to toe the author's line.

The PTA encourages the students by honouring the I-rank holders of classes III-XII and appreciates the students who have cent percent attendance. The parents of PSBB have to be thanked for responding to the appeals sent by the school for the socio-religious causes. This year the parents had willingly contributed to the Veda Parampara Trust of the Kanchi Mutt and to the Gujarat earthquake relief fund. The PTA has been a regular sponsor of Bharat Kalachar and Children's day programme at T.P. Road. Yet another sponsorship extended by the PTA was for the ELTAI (English Language Teachers' Association of India) conference hosted at PSBB KKN on 2nd & 3rd February 2001.

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