List of Intelligences

Verbal Linguistic Intelligence: It involves ease in producing to the nuances, order and rhythm of words. Students who are strong in verbal linguistic intelligence love to read, write and tell stories. Professionals who use this intelligence include writers, public speakers, teachers, secretaries, business and office managers, poets and actors.

Maths - Logic Intelligence : It relates to the ability to reason deductively or inductively and to recognize and manipulate abstract patterns and relationships. Students who are strong in this intelligence have problem-solving and reasoning skills and they ask questions in logical manner. This intelligence can be seen in such people as Scientists, Mathematicians, Computer Programmers, Lawyers and Accountants.

Spatial Intelligence: It includes the ability to create visual - spatial representations of the world and to transfer them mentally or concretely. Students who exhibit this intelligence need mental or physical picture to best understand new information and they do well with maps, charts and diagrams and they like mazes and puzzles. Professional who use this intelligence are graphic-artists, cartographers, drafts-person, architects, painters and sculptors.

Musical Intelligence : It encompasses sensitivity to the pitch, timbre and rhythm of sounds and responsiveness to the emotional implication of these elements of music. Students who remember melodies or recognize pitch and rhythm exhibit this intelligence. This intelligence is seen in such persons as singers, song writers, rock musicians, dancers, composers and music teachers.

Bodily - Kinesthetic Intelligence : It involves using one's body to solve problems, make things and convey ideas and emotions. Students who are strong in this intelligence are good at physical activities, hand-eye coordination and have tendency to move around, touch things and gesture. Professionals who use this intelligence include actors, athletes, surgeons, musicians, dancers and inventors.

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