Unique Values

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'A value is a value for me only when I see the value of the value as valuable to me'. This is how Swami Dayanandaji defines a value.

Value Education is an integral part of the school curriculum offered once a week not merely a class when values are stranded by the teacher in the form of a monologue but they are imbibed, absorbed and practiced both by students and teachers, the students mostly learn by example including Value of Team spirit, co-operation, goodwill, karuna towards fellow human beings and animals(Community Values), Honesty, Integrity, Humanity, Compassion, Helpfulness and many more (personal values) abiding and eternal values. Students are constantly encouraged and praised for their genuine acts of goodness. Special prizes i.e., value of values are awarded to the students for their outstanding contribution to the cause of humanity and social good.

The school provides a perfect ambience to the students to ' think good and act good ' Catch them doing good' is the spirit of the faculty; the students are openly and loudly praised for their achievements and privately counselled on their lapses.

Indianisation of students takes place naturally through a spirit of osmosis. Every possible step is taken to instill in children a regard for values in keeping with the spirit and the sound foundation of Indian culture and heritage which forms the edifice of teaching-learning process of the school. Students are greeted with 'shree gurubyu namaha' with the teachers offering salutations to their gurus and the children are blessed with 'sukhi bava', Teacher's Day, Children's Day, Festivals,National celebrations, National & International Days are all celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm, which in turn inspires the students, the cultural ambassadors of the country to continue and carry high the flag of Indian ethos and ethnicity.

The concept of Futurology includes pro-active approach, creative thinking analytical outlook and a dynamic perspective of every challenge. Value education, Lateral Thinking and Futurology classes are replete with Brainstorming sessions, Role play, Case studies, Discussions, Charts, Models and assignments. Values are not taught in isolation but integrated with all subjects be it Maths, Science, Social Science or Languages.

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